Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lovely Doodles.

Just a quick little post so I can put up some little doodles I did. I'm still sitting on a post about pickled beets but I'll get to it soon.

When I'm at The House hanging out with Pappy, he likes to sit and watch me draw. I offered him a lot of drawing entertainment these last couple of days! :)

I am just crazy for early and mid Cenozoic mammals (you know, the weird ones with all the horns and tusks and fangs). It's just so neat to know that those weird-looking things actually lived. I drew a few pictures of the ones I like best and/or actually remember what they look like.

So, I drew them all from memory (the names I recalled from memory too). I wanted the pictures to be big enough to see on the page... so now they don't fit nicely... let's just go with it. :)

Just a mishmash of different mammals (from all different epochs too; I don't remember all those.)

Arctodus aka "short-faced bear", Thylacosmilus (a saber-toothed marsupial), Diatryma aka "Terror bird"

Oreodonts (Fast food of the Oligocene-Miocene epoch)
Paraceratherium.... the largest mammal to ever walk the Earth. Awesome! :)

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